Co.As.It. ‘Italian Family History Group’

Previous featured guest speakers

Sergio Martes –  Sydney’s Consul General for Italy

Toni Di Marti – entertainer

Mark Tedeschi, OAM – NSW Senior Crown solicitor

Nicola Cerrone – Australia’s leading Jeweller

Art Phillips – music composer, musician, musical director, former President of The Australian Guild Of Screen Composers

Len Destro – The life of Tommaso Fiaschi

Dr Gianfranco Cresciani – Trieste comes to Australia

Carmelina Pelligra – Italian heritage / life

Frank Moschella – Administration of Nursing Homes, fruit shop owner

Julie Fitzsimmons – Hurstville Council Local Studies officer

Fabian Lo Schiavo – NSW Archives Office

Superintendent Minelli – Assistant Police Commissioner