Dear Members and Guests:

Our venue has been substantially improved as we are now utilising the main performance hall at the Italian Forum Cultural Centre. This allows for a larger audience base and new upmarket production opportunities.

As we would prefer to retain the idea of continuing our events on the 4th Wednesday of the month, being 9 times per year, there will be occasions where the 4th Wednesday may not be possible as the Italian Forum Cultural Centre now has a new tenant, The Actors Centre Australia, where they may already have bookings for those dates. However, in 2014, there has only been 3 times where this has occurred, and in those cases, we’ve been able to successfully arrange alternative dates.

This year, we will not be holding a meeting in June as we have another event upcoming on the 29 May (a Thursday evening), which closely follows our 7 May event. In place of June, we have secured 23 July, where we have featured guest speaker Antonio Zeccola of Palace Cinemas.

Our 2014 event dates (6.45pm arrival for 7.15pm start) are listed below:

26 February 2014 (Wednesday) – Lucio Galletto / Lucio’s Italian Ristorante

26 March 2014 (Wednesday) – Dr Ilma Martinuzzi O’Brien – author. Topic – Internments

7 May 2014 (Wednesday) – Chris Iacono of Bunna Bunoo Olive Grove

29 May 2014 (Thursday) – Dr Anne Rogerson – University of Sydney, Faculty of Arts and Social Science, Dept of Classics & Ancient History Topic: Pompeii

23 July 2014 (Wednesday) – Antonio Zeccola / Palace Cinemas

27 August 2014 (Wednesday) – Gabriella Della Vedova Conti – Sulle Ali dell’Arcobaleno (On the Wings of the Rainbow)

24 September 2014 (Wednesday) Frank Caruso – Caruso’s Natural Health Founder & Managing Director

22 October 2014 (Wednesday) Joe Avati – comedian, actor, producer

19 November 2014 (Wednesday) Cristoforo Garigliano – Italian migrants from Sicily in the 1950s and 60s – discussing Italian heritage through migrants’ music, family stories and rare documentary films