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CoAsIt Membership Form (English)

CoAsIt Membership Form (italiano)

All existing IFHG members and their guests are encouraged to become a member of Co.As.It. which will include membership of IFHG. The cost is $10 Joining Fee and $30 per annual membership fee. This will be of benefit to IFHG as it will broaden the membership base (all members of Co.As.It. will also be members of IFHG) and will broaden the exposure of IFHG.

The benefits to existing IFHG members who are not already members of Co.As.It. will include the opportunity to be part of a wider Italian-Australian community network and access to a broader range of information and activities, including invitations to Co.As.It. events, in particular the Co.As.It. End of Year Party which is a special event for members and staff only. Members will receive regular newsletters and updates and will also be invited to attend the Co.As.It. Annual General Meeting which is usually held in May of each year.

Please use the above membership form links to complete, and send to:

Casa d’Italia,
67 Norton Street, Leichhardt NSW 2040

Postal address:
P.O. Box 342, Leichhardt NSW 2040

Tel. +61 2 9564 0744

Fax +61 2 9569 6648
or you can visit the Co.As.It. website to become a member,

IFHG Policy & Procedures

The Italian Family History Group (IFHG) was established by Co.As.It. NSW on 27 March 2001 to recognise the history of Italian migration in NSW and to assist members of the community with tracing their family history.

The IFHG operates under the auspices of Co.As.It. with its own elected committee members. The communication with Co.As.It. shall occur via the General Manager. The Committee enjoys autonomy with relation to organisation of events and seminars. However, nothing shall prevent Co.As.It. from intervening with respect to the activities of the Group should it deem necessary. The Co.As.It. Board, through its General Manager, retains the ultimate powers to reject any of the activities of the Group if it so chooses. The purpose of this document is to outline the objectives of the committee, its relationship with Co.As.It. and its constitution.

click here for The Italian Family History Group policy & procedures