2001 official launch of the ‘Co.As.It. Italian Family History Group’ 
Photo taken on 27 March 2001. There were approximately 80 people at the official launch meeting held in the St. Francesca room at Co.As.It., on Norton Street, Leichhardt, NSW
From L to R 
Sam Campisi – Chairman of the Co.As.It Heritage Committee
Francesca Rullo (nee Musico ) – original IFHG steering Committee member
Mervyn Cardelli – original IFHG steering Committee member
Vice Consul Francesco Sano – supporting member of the Group
Lores Borg – original IFHG steering Committee member
Linda Nellor – Co.As.It. Heritage Officer and Heritage Committee Secretary
Dominic Arrivolo – first Chairman of the Co.As.It. Italian Family History Group & steering Committee member
Sylvia Jensen – original IFHG steering Committee member
Paul Sidoti – original IFHG steering Committee member
Meg De Manincor – original IFHG steering Committee member
Fabian Lo Schiavo – original IFHG steering Committee member
George De Manincor – supporting member of the Group

Founding Member and Past Chairman of the IFHG”


Dominic has a financial background, He rose to become senior loans officer after 12 years of service with St George Bank.

Prior to joining St George, In 1954 he was involved in the formation of the local Earlwood Church Credit Union. .He held the position as Secretary for 11 years.

On being elected to be the NSW representative to the International Credit Union Conference held in the Montreal in  Canada in 1961.He spent  3 months in the USA studying Credit Union activities where he was also able that he was able to locate many  family relatives who had migrated to the USA.

He was subsequently appointed to the first State government Credit Union Advisory Committee  which introduced the first Credit Union Act in Australia in 1963.

Following retirement his  interested in family history grew-particularly at the time of his mothers death when so many relatives came to visit her in 1980.

A visit to  Linda Nellor -COASIT’s Heritage officer in 1999, was followed by the formation of a steering committee.  The IFHG was officially launched In 2001 in  the presence of the Deputy Italian Consul and 80 Italian people. Dominic was elected as its first Chairman, a position he held for 14 years. He stood down at 87 years of age in 2013.

His most important achievement  included in being able to negotiate  to acquire copies of microfilm reels of Birth, Deaths, and Marriages of official Italian Civil and Church registers here in Australia.

Most records reveal events as far back as 300 years. People can now carry out research work here in Sydney at  COASIT’s library here in Leichhardt.. With the advance of computer technology of digitisation research can now be carried out by people at home.

No other Family History group in the southern hemisphere has achieved this task. Dominic’s interest in genealogy remains as he continues as a member of the present day IFHG committee


Featured speaker at the 2001 launch meeting of the Co.As.It. Italian Family History Group

Fabian Lo Schiavo – original IFHG steering Committee member, speaking about the ‘Mission, Aims and Objectives’ of the Co.As.It. Italian Family History Group

Original 2001 steering Committee of the ‘Co.As.It. Italian Family History Group’ / launch meeting2001-pic-of-Committee-(in-part) names-from-2001-part-Committee-pic