25 FEBRUARY 2015


 The words turmoil, tragedy and triumph aptly describe the eventful saga of 340 Italians who were enticed to a fictional paradise in the South Pacific Islands in 1880. Extreme privations were their lot until they eventually reached sanctuary in Sydney. Shortly afterwards the 217 survivors largely moved as a group to Northern NSW where they carved a living and established a village (New Italy) in isolated virgin bush and on poor soils.

 As they adapted to the harsh conditions of Australia, their story of ingenuity, thrift and perseverance along with eventual success, became both legendary and inspirational.

Hear their story with a supporting slide show from one of their descendants who is president of the New Italy Museum Inc. – a body entrusted with the preservation and promotion of the story and the display of Italian culture on the site of the original settlement.


6.45pm for 7.15pm start

 entry fee is $5.00 at the door

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