Dr Ilma Martinuzzi O’Brien is an Honorary Research Associate in the School of Historical and European Studies …….at La Trobe University (Melbourne).

She was Director the Co.As.It. Italian Historical Society 1987 – 1993, where she curated the national Bicentennial exhibition Australia’s Italians 1799-1988 and also curated Bridging Two Worlds: Jews and, Italians for the Museum of Victoria.

She has been published widely on internments in Australia during WWII, including a chapter in The Great Mistakes of Australian History published by University of New South Wales Press, ……and a chapter on internments from Innisfail, in a volume published by the National Museum of Australia. She co-edited Italian Pioneers in the Innisail District (2003) and Under Suspicion: Citizenship and Internment in Australia during WWII (2009).

Her most recent publication The Internment Diaries of Mario Sardi About The Internment of Italians in Loveday, South Australia during World War II: daily life and activities.

Dr Ilma Martinuzzi O’Brien –  The Internment of Italians in Loveday,South Australia during World War II:daily life and activities.

829 Italian men and 2 women from NSW were interned during World War II, many of the men in Loveday Internment Camp.Mario Sardi’s Internment diaries record  what it was like for civilians to be placed in  detention without trial for months and years. In this talk Dr Ilma Martinuzzi O’Brien will discuss who was interned and why, and based on the diary, will give glimpses of their experiences in Loveday. Dr O’Brien has written extensively on the internments of World War II, and has  recently published The Inernment Diaies of Mario Sardi