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Dr. Lucia Barbera

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Event date:  23 March 2016
Palace Cinemas, cinema #1, 99 Norton St, Leichhardt, NSW Australia
Time:  6.45 pm

Abandoned Children: The history of Foundlings and Child Welfare with a focus on Sicily in the 19th century.

This talk will explore the evolution of the concept of childhood throughout the centuries in Europe and Italy, with a specific focus on the pioneering childcare system which spread throughout Sicily during the Bourbon Period (1734-1860). Using original documents, Dr Barbera will be speaking of her PhD research offering glimpses into the lives and subsequent careers of boys and girls left in the trust of the foundling hospital of Messina.

Dr Lucia Barbera, currently living in Melbourne, holds an international PhD in the History of Social Institutions and Cooperation for Development from the University of Messina and an Advanced Master’s Degree in Institutions and Policies for Human Rights and Peace from the University of Padua. She has worked in associations for the promotion of human rights as well as in the protection of women and children’s rights. She has collaborated with several Universities, with the Office of the Ombudsman for Minors in Veneto and with the Prosecutor of the Juvenile Court in Venice. Lucia is the curator of the photographic and documentary exhibition “I Figli della Pietà” [Children of Charity] for the Province of Messina, in collaboration with the State Archive of Messina. The project was sponsored by the Sicilian Regional Authority for Cultural Heritage and by the Messina branch of the Consortium for the Promotion of Cultural Tourism in Sicily. Recently, the exhibition has become a permanent exhibit at the last location of the former foundling hospital of Messina and Lucia, also, received the Letter of Official Commendation from the Commissioner of Messina Province, Filippo Romano, in recognition of her vast contributions in this exhibition and, especially, honouring her historical research.



Palace Cinemas, cinema #1, 99 Norton St, Leichhardt, NSW Australia.

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