Italian Family History Group Report

May 22 2013

report-4Our May meeting was a fascinating night as Nicole Cerrone, told his intriguing story of just how an ordinary country lad, and of the events, that turned his life to become a world class leading jeweller.

Forty four people braved the wintery weather conditions to make it to the Italian Cultural Centre at the Forum to spend a great evening as our guest speaker was interviewed. There were eight apologies.

Our presenter for the evening was Committee man John Re, in his first role as our presenter.

The official launch of the Italian Migrant exhibition at Sydney’s Macquarie University took place, following the efforts of the three universities from the Milan University on Monday June 13 in the presence of the Italian Consul. Our Chairman officially represented the

John gave details of the silent film presentation of the “I Viaggiatori” to be seen at the Marrickville Factory Theatre on Thursay 23rd June. The silent film with Italian singing has made history as it depicts the 6 week journey of Migrants who came in 1924 to make a new life

Flyers were distributed in regard to this years Annual Sunday Bus trip to be conducted on Sunday July 7th to visit Dr Tommaso Fiaschi’s winery which he established in the 1880’s at Ebeneezer on the Hawkesbury River.

Nic Cerrone’s talk took the form of an interview, with Art Phillip (Arturo De Fillipo ).

Nic’s down to earth tale of very humble beginnings in Calabria as a country lad, was not unusual at 12 years of age his parents migrated to Sydney. They lived in a humble residence in Stanmore. He had to help he family survive by working in a local fruit shop, and being paid by bringing home “SPECKS”, He followed that pattern and soon mastered the language by the constant contact with ordinary people in the shop serving customers. From one shop to another he was able to help the family to survive, to the point when he found work at 18 years of age at the BMC’s factory at Alexandria,\.

He was fortunate to make contact with a Jewish jeweller which was the commencement of his future, which has led him to his present position. Initially by doing minor repairs in the house garage. He enrolled in a jewellers’ course at the Sydney Technical College at Ultimo at the same time did minor work for friends at no cost, till he realised he must get somewhere in life .

His parents moved to Leichhardt, where he started his own business. He applied all his time and efforts to do something really well. The location is in Catherine where his store stands today. He now has 2 other retail shops in Central Sydney.

His talk was so down to earth that he revealed many instances where he gained fame by his designs of jewellery, Others in the industry began to take notice of him. He gained recognition in receiving many awards both locally overseas.

He related many instances as his business grew of meeting many famous identities who came to him.

Whilst being interviewed by Art his audience enjoyed every moment. So much so he has agreed to come back to one of our meetings next year.