Italian Family History Group Report

March 27 2013

report-1Another interesting night at the Italian Cultural Centre in the Leichhardt Forum was experienced by the forty three people who came along to our regular monthly meeting.

Vice Chairman Fabian Lo Schiavo acted as presenter.

It was colourful as well as entertaining, as three graduates from the Milano University were present. They were given the opportunity to speak of their family background, in addition to seeking the history of Italians who have migrated to Australia.

Michele Gnecchi, being the leader of the group, had briefly visited Australia last year. He had encouraged his colleagues Matteo Pietra and Chiara Colombo to come and work with him and so assist them to gain their Masters Degree. This also involved organising an exhibition at the Macquarie University in May.

They spoke in turn about themselves, and shared many joyous moments in dialogue with the

A ten minute break was allowed to show the DVD presentation of “Visions of Italy”.

It was a beautiful visual presentation showing Sicily taken from a helicopter. It took everybody by surprise. Additional viewings of this boxed set will be shown at future Family History Meetings.

Our guest speaker Julie Fitzsimons, Local Studies Officer from the Hurstville Council, demonstrated many new methods of securing family history information with the use of a computer.

report-3Information sheets were distributed to all present, showing many computer sites to connect to. She illustrated her method in tracing the De Bortoli wine family. Her colleague Lisa Pinga from the Council came to assist Julie with her presentation.

Julie’s presentation was an excellent update of the new processes now available for family research.

The meeting adjourned at 8.45pm to La Giara Restaurant at the Forum for coffee.

Dominic Arrivolo