Co.As.It. Italian Family History Group

Quarterly Report

1st Quarter 2014

The Co.As.It. Italian Family History Group have secured the main performance hall auditorium (a 310 seat state-of-the-art theatre) at the Italian Forum Cultural Centre for our events in 2014. The new venue allows for a larger audience base and new upmarket production opportunities.

As we would prefer to retain the idea of continuing our events on the 4th Wednesday of the month, 9 times a year, there are three occasions in 2014 where this was not possible, as the 4th Wednesday had been previously booked by the Actors Centre Australia, who now lease the premises.

This year we will not be holding an event in June, but have secured a date in July featuring guest speaker, Antonio Zeccola of Palace Cinemas and Palace Films. The 2014 meetings scheduled are: 26 February, 26 March, 7 May, 29 May, 23 July, 27 August, 24 September, 22 October and 19 November.

The IFHG continued to provide the community with the opportunity to research, record, and celebrate Italian heritage, under the auspices of Co.As.It., where we attract an audience with an extensive program of featured guest speakers. The first quarter of the IFHG event program featured:

26 February 2014 (Wednesday) Lucio Galletto / Lucio’s Italian Ristorante
Interiewer: Simon Marnie, presenter Weekends 702 ABC Sydney

26 March 2014 (Wednesday) Dr Ilma Martinuzzi O’Brien
Internment of Italians in Australia – WWII

We had an audience base of 74 attendees at our 26 February event, where Lucio Galletto spoke of his family heritage and his passion with food and art. He talked about his favourite foods, a few little secrets with Italian cooking, how he manages his successful restaurant in Paddington and his passion to interact with guests. Lucio was interviewed centre stage on the Victorian lounge, by guest interview host, Simon Marnie of ABC 702 Weekends Sydney.

At our March 26 event, we had 66 attendees, where Dr O’Brien spoke about internment in Australia during World War II and the documented stories of Maria Sardi.

The events were opened with a brief introduction by our Chairman, Art Phillips, followed by a short talk from our immediate past Chairman, Dominic Arrivolo, at our February event, and at our March event, Maria Linders, our Secretary/Treasurer, presented a family history information segment on ‘how to research one’s heritage and document findings effectively’. During each program, the audience was serenaded by guitarist and Chairman, Art Phillips, who played a traditional Italian selection on acoustic guitar, which provided a touch of Italian culture to the evening.

The IFHG created a new website, and a new email address, The website was created by our Vice Chairman Assist, Roberto Giunta, who also services our website monthly. As part of this work, we now have an interactive electronic newsletter about our events, which goes out to our database consisting of 550 names. We also produce a web-mercial prior to each event, featuring our upcoming guest speaker, advertising their forthcoming talk.

The IFHG have also set in place, the draft provisions of a new policy governance document for the IFHG and Co.As.It. We expect this to be finalized by the end of June 2014, where we will begin an official membership status starting 1 July at a cost of $ 5.00 per person. This will provide AGM voting rights to paid-up members along with various benefits from time to time.

In March 2014, we commenced a $ 5.00 per person entry fee to our program events. The fee assists in the production of our event seminars, venue hire, refreshments and raffle prizes during the evening. The entry ticket also provides a free coffee / tea, or a discount of $ 2.50 off a food or drink item, following the event, at a designated local restaurant in the Italian Forum.

As from March 2014, we have adjusted the start times for our seminars for 6.45 for 7.15pm start.

We have also revised the IFHG ‘Mission Statement’ and our ‘Aims and Objectives’:

The mission of the Organisation, a not-for-profit association, is to promote, develop, aid and assist those interested in tracing and recording details of their Italian ancestors and heritage, and to generally promote the passion of Italian culture.

People who are not of Italian origin are also welcome, provided that they uphold the aims and objectives of the Organisation.


1.) To promote, develop, aid and assist those interested in tracing and
recording details of their Italian ancestors and heritage.
2.) To conduct lectures, seminars, workshops and events to promote the
research of family genealogy.
3.) To mutually assist members by sharing experiences about researching.
4.) To establish and maintain a newsletter and website (under the auspices
of Co.As.It.) that will encourage others to embark upon the challenge of
research and writing up their family genealogy.
5.) To liaise with other societies to share information and to promote
awareness of Italian genealogy.
6.) To record and tabulate names of families under research.
7.) To record, publish and share information about research methods and
8.) To acquire books, periodicals and research aids by purchase or donation.
9.)To organise, promote and encourage mutually supportive, practical
partnerships between business, service providers, Italian organisations
(including Co.As.It.) and the Italian Community generally.
10.)To function as a group under Co.As.It.

We created a new invitation letter for guest speakers, as well as a copyright clearance ‘consent form’ allowing the filming of events, and the ability to produce a DVD for loan purposes, that would be held at the Co.As.It. library.

Roberto Giunta has agreed to film each event, 9 times per year, as part of his sponsorship package (WebVideo), which will be subsidised with a small fee on invoicing.

We were able to successfully secure additional speakers for 2014, which will be reported in our next quarterly report, and in addition, we have formed new contacts and relationships with various Italian and community organizations.

A production event running sheet is raised for each event which details lighting, audio and staging instructions to the ACA (Actors Centre Australia) where we have Matt Osborne behind the controls in the production box on the upper level of the main performance hall at the Cultural Centre. We also thank Dean Carey, founding member and creative director of ACA, Allan Rendell, operations and development manager, and Sara Givins, Centre co-ordinator -for their support.

The IFHG Committee held our internal meetings on 1 February and another on 8 March 2014 addressing a number of business matters, in order to move the group forward in 2014, and beyond.

The Italian Family History Group thank, Co.As.It. for their ongoing support, and our sponsors: Leichhardt Council, Frank Moschella aged care facilities and his wines, and to our new 2014 sponsors: Web Video, IFHN and Strata Choice.