Co.As.It. Italian Family History Group


In 2013, the Co.As.It. Italian Family History Group continued to provide the community with the opportunity to research, record, and celebrate Italian heritage, under the auspices of Co.As.It.’s heritage program. The Italian Family History Group meetings were held at the Italian Forum Cultural Centre in Leichhardt and continued to attract members with an extensive program of guest speakers, which included:
• Art Phillips – Art Phillips Music Design – musician, composer of music for television and film.
• Julie Fitzsimons and Fabian LoSchiavo assisting people with archives and charting Family Trees.
• Mark Tedeschi – Crown Prosecutor and Author of book “Eugenia”.
• Nicola Cerrone – International Jewellery Designer.
• Len Destro, who outlined the life of Dr.Thomas Fiaschi – an enterprising practitioner and vineyard owner of Tizzana Winery. This coincided with a bus trip visiting the Bella Vista Farm and Tizzana Winery.
• Andrew Giunta, son-in-law of our Founding Chairman Dominic Arrivolo, visited Utah USA and outlined the digitising of the microfiche reels containing ancestral data.
• Dr. Gianfranco Cresciani talked about his book “Trieste Goes to Australia”, followed by additional speakers Carmel Pelligra and Frank Moschella, both relaying their very interesting family history.
• Sergio Martes – Sydney’s Italian Consul General spoke on the different countries he has served in and his family life as a Consul General.
• Tony di Marti – In1980 at the age of 16, migrated to Australia to become one of Australia’s leading Italian entertainers and singers. Playing his guitar and singing his famous “Vi ch’e’ bella l’Australia” brought much enjoyment and laughter to all at the meeting, which was followed by a lovely dinner held at La Giara’s Restaurant at the Forum.

Our final meeting for the year also saw the culmination of 14 years service by Dominic Arrivolo, as Chairman of the Co.As.It. Italian Family History Group (1999 ~ 2013). Dominic was a founding member of the organization. Gifts, including a lovely Certificate presented by Pina Leyland of Co.As.It., were awarded to Dominic on behalf of Co.As.It and The Italian Family History Group in appreciation for all that Dominic has done in past years to create the Group that we now enjoy so much. Dominic will continue as a member on the IFHG Committee.

The newly elected Executive Committee members are:

Art Phillips (President / Chairman), Anthony Ravesi (Vice President / Vice Chair), Roberto Giunta (Vice President / Vice Chair assist), Sue Lopes (Secretary) and Maria Linders (Treasurer);
together with Committee members: Dominic Arrivolo, Dianna Manganaro, Michael Megna, John Re, Josie Valli and Francesca Musico Rullo.

The Executive and Committee look forward to working together to move the group along positively in 2014 and beyond with innovative ideas such as workshops, seminars, lectures and publications; and to continue to develop, promote and assist those interested in tracing and recording details of their Italian ancestors and heritage.