‘Trieste, Italy’ 

featuring special guest

Romeo Varagnolo


President of Associazione Giuliani Sydney Inc.

Vice president of Federazione dei Circoli Giuliano-Dalmati d’Australia.

Writer, satirical playwright, artist member of Lane Cove Art Society.


Event date: 24/06/2015
Palace Cinemas, cinema #1, 99 Norton St, Leichhardt, NSW Australia
6.30pm for 7.00pm
entry fee is $5.00 at the door

Trieste is a city and seaport in northeastern Italy. It is situated towards the end of a narrow strip of Italian territory lying between the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia, which lies almost immediately south and east of the city.

Why Trieste between 1943 -1954 was under the control of Italy, Germany, Yugoslavia, Britain-America and back to Italy.

10% of the population of Trieste left the city to migrate to Australia between 1954 – 1960.

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