‘The Passion of Italian Cooking’ 

featuring special guest

Paola Bacchia

DMPHarvest-holding the finished gnocchi-italy on my mind

Palace Cinemas, cinema #1, 99 Norton St, Leichhardt, NSW Australia
6.30pm for 7.00pm
entry fee is $5.00 at the door

Paola Bacchia was born in Australia to parents who arrived in Melbourne from Italy on the General Greeley on 13 May 1950 as part of the sponsored migration program. Paola’s father Nello had fled his native Istria (now Croatia) after WWII when his family lost all their possessions and their home to Tito’s partisans. He met Paola’s mother Livia in Monfalcone (Friuli-Venezia Giulia), at the bar where she was working for her parents. The couple married soon after and after trying to live in Paris for a few months, decided to migrate to America. But the wait for the boat to America was too long so on a whim, they decided on Australia.

After a few months at the migrant camp Bonegilla (near the border of NSW) and some terrible food, they were moved to Melbourne and found a series of jobs in factories. They sponsored other family members and formed a small community in the suburb of Box Hill. Livia developed a passion for cooking and sharing food with family and friends in her new found country, despite Australian shop shelves in the 1950s being more about dripping than olive oil. This passion continued in both her daughters but particularly in the youngest, Paola.

Paola has a degree in health care and works part time at Dental Health Services Victoria. The rest of her time is devoted to her passion for Italian food through her blog “Italy on my mind”, cooking classes and food photography.