Dr Anne Rogerson is the Charles Tesoriero Lecturer in Latin at the University of Sydney. After completing a combined degree in Arts and Science at the University of Sydney, she received her PhD from the University of Cambridge in England. She worked as a lecturer at the University of Nottingham and then at Cambridge for several years before returning home to Sydney.

She teaches Latin language and literature from beginners to advanced levels, as well as literature in translation, offering classic works like Virgil’s Aeneid or Homer’s Odyssey to students who haven’t had a chance to learn Latin. Anne is also a frequent contributor to the Self-Improvement Wednesday slot on Richard Glover’s Drive program on ABC702, where she talks about the interesting quirks of daily life in ancient Rome.

Her research focuses on Virgil’s Aeneid, and she is currently writing a book about Ascanius, the son of the hero in the epic who follows his father on his dangerous journey from the burning city of Troy to Italy, where he will found a new city and the Roman race. She also works on the ways in which later writers, from the humanist thinkers in the Italian Renaissance to modern detective novelists, read and understood the Aeneid.

Anne will talk in May about the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79AD and the destruction of the town of Pompeii. She will discuss the eye-witness accounts of the disaster preserved in the letters of Pliny the Younger, and set them in context in the Italy of 2,000 years ago, where you couldn’t expect aid from the state during (or after) a disaster, but where family and friend networks were strong.