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Photo Gallery – Event Speakers

Nick Cerrone - guest speaker 2013 (b) Art Phillips (Arturo DiFilippo) Guest speaker _ February 2013 (d) Dr Lucia Barbera _ IFHG event 23 March 2016 (f) Felice Montrone (CHAIRMAN of The Padre Atanasio Gonelli OFM Cap Chairitable Fund’ FATHER JOHN COOPER (guest speaker) g FATHER JOHN COOPER (guest speaker) f FATHER JOHN COOPER (guest speaker) and ART PHILLIPS (Chairman IFHG) FATHER JOHN COOPER (guest speaker) and ART PHILLIPS (Chairman IFHG) 4 Maria Linders giving her presentation at the State Library of NSW

Photo Gallery – Other

Joe Avati, comedian, actor & producer – the IFHG October 2014 guest speaker (right), and Art Phillips (Arturo DiFilippo), IFHG Chairman. IFHG Committee members: Dominic Arrivolo and John Re, …. ’What a you a think…? Something smells a bit a fishy around here. Is he a telling us the full full a story…? 2015 IFHG Committee Thank you presenetaion and cake for Dominic Arrivolo at La Giara Ristorante 27 Nov 2013 IFHG AGM Lunch_9 Nov 2013 IMG_1943.jpg IFHG AGM Lunch  9 Nov 2013 Dominic Arrivolo receiving certificate of achievement in 2013 from Co.As.It, and the IFHG - Pina Leyland presenting IFHG AGM December 2017_2


'As featured in the March/April edition of Italianicious'.

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Check out our ANCESTRY tab above to start the exciting journey of discovering your Italian heritage. Also Ancestry.com provides an excellent Family Tree creator which can be found at http://trees.ancestry.com.au/


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Co.As.It. is proud of its over 40 years of service to the Italian-Australian community. Co.As.It. was established in 1968 to fulfil two distinct aims: to promote the Italian language and culture in NSW and to assist the growing number of migrants arriving from Italy. Since this time Co.As.It. has evolved to meet the changing needs of the community. Being true to our initial objectives, we have continued to expand services in the areas of education and community services. Co.As.It. provides Italian language classes to adults and children both during and after school, Italian language resources via our Italian Multimedia Resource Centre, Bilingual storytime for children, customised Italian language classes for business, language certification and professional development opportunities for teachers. In the community services area, Co.As.It. provides aged care services and a wide range of community services, from youth and family to mental health, to problem gambling to many more. Finally, Co.As.It. fully owns and operates an Independent primary school, the Italian Bilingual School where the NSW curriculum is delivered both in Italian and English. Browse our website, Co.As.It.org.au to discover the many services Co.As.It. can provide you, your family and your business.